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I have been many things in my life. I have been a son, a brother, an uncle, a father, a husband, a friend, an employer, an employee, a teacher, a pastor and much more; however, what I really am is a child of God. 

          I thank God for His loving kindness towards me.  I thank Him for the grace and mercy He has shown me.  Most of all I thank God that He cared enough for all mankind to send His Son to take our place, to become our substitute, to become our savior.  I thank God for providing Salvation to all who place their faith in His Son.  I thank God for my promised eternity with Him in Heaven. 

       If I could give one word of encouragement to those lost, lonely, searching, confused, hurt, or broken, it would be Psalm 115:3 which reads, “Our God who sits in the heavens does as He pleases.”  Know this and rest in this. God makes no mistakes. You are not a mistake, and your life has purpose. Trust Him!