20 - 40 Life Group 

Felix & Natalie Esparza



I was raised in a Christian family and grew up watching my family go to church.  I wasn't very interested in church or God, so my family prayed for me to come to know Christ. It was in my senior year of high school when I went to Hume Lake that God met me and I felt his love over me.  I felt His conviction; and I dedicated my life to Christ.  While I had accepted Christ as Lord and Savior I was still drawn to the world; and throughout my senior year of high school and through college I continued to toy with sin. It wasn't until I met Natalie that I came to understand how much I was missing out in my relationship with Him.  I was keeping him separate from my daily life even-though he was always there for me.  Now when I think of the sweetness of the grace on the cross through Yeshua, do I really understand nothing compares to Him. I continue to be imperfect, but I am excited everyday to meet God and grow in my knowledge of Him: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 


My story with Jesus has simply been a love story, and yes at times, I have strayed from that love, yet God has never stopped loving me. I grew up in the church but never had a true relationship with Jesus. I just believed what my parents believed. I slowly strayed away from God, and the church. I thought the world could bring my happiness, yet all that it brought me was depression, anxiety and fear. Yet Jesus pursued me, he showed me that he never left my side even when I left His. He showed me that He is the only thing in the world that will ever truly fulfill my hearts desires. About 4 years ago I recommitted my life to Christ and since then He has completely transformed my life. My passion is to share God's love and remind others that Jesus is the way the truth and the light. Hope has a name, His name is Jesus.