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                                                                             James is a seasoned Pastor/Teacher, preaching exegetically through the Bible, verse by verse. Married to Brenda Stark for 38 years, they have served God together their entire marriage. James, a licensed and ordained minister since 1998, has pastored four churches in 29 years, and ministered in three different states. Currently, he is the president of the Feather River Baptist Association.
 James’ passions are teaching, leading and preaching, raising up elders, leaders, and deacons to serve the Lord.  If truth be told, James loves to teach/preach the Bible, as often as he has opportunity. James & Brenda have 3 grown children: Jorden, Molly, and Dylan. They have 6 amazing grandchildren, 4 boys and 2 girls.  


Twice a year James and his oldest daughter Jorden have the joy and privlege of leading a summer and winter Adventure Leadership Youth Camp.
In his down time, James likes to read, write, and research. He has written a book called, ‘15 Lessons from the Thief on the Cross,’ awaiting publication.  When the opportunities arise, James also likes to ride single track, snowboard, hike, and fish.


If you would like to know more about James, his calling, work, and or family, please come visit him at PC3, where we have a wonderful and outstanding worship team, leaders, and teachers who are knowledgeable, love the Lord, and would love to serve you in every way that would exalt Christ, bring glory to God, and edify His people.  You are welcome here, so come worship, and serve our Lord together!    

About Pastor James Stark

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